The Giraffe World : Version 1.1

Good news and bad news. The goodnews is that I uploaded a few fixes to the game ! The bad news is that all of your saves are now deleted because I'm dumb and don't know of to properly update my game on I'm so sorry :(

Here's the patchnote :

- Changed level 38's title to give a hint
- Sped up transition from level 40 to the end
- Fixed a bug where bonus level 43 returned to the main menu
- Changed bonus level 44's design slightly
- Fixed a bug where bonus level 44 wouldn't end
- Fixed bug where crates were overlapping
- It's now made clearer that you can skip the intro
- Fixed music problem on bonus levels

Again, sorry if you lost progress, it's now gone :(


The Giraffe World 35 MB
Dec 22, 2020

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