A downloadable game for Windows

Every bad guy is secretly wanting a big hug. Be the savior. Be the good guy that will hug the bad guy. Be careful to not touch his balls though.

Controls :

'WASD' or 'Arrow Keys' to move and that's it.

'Escape' to quit the game.

Also, the game becomes easier each time you fail.

Details :

This game was made in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018. The theme was Genre without MechanicIt matches the theme by removing the shoot option you find in most Bullet Hells games.

The game was made in c# using the Monogame engine. Every art in the game was either made by me or is part of public domain.

The music loops in the game are free of use and can be found here :

"This Place" by DesignedImpressions

"Piano Happy" by Always

Fun Facts : 

  • I also did a game in the first GMTK Jam with Oeufwakening and was featured as one of the 20 winners !
  • The main character was a placeholder art I made in around 30 secondes.
  • The project is only 623 lines of code (excluding white spaces and stuff like that) !

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Bullet Hug 5 MB


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Nice! I'm not too sure how it fits in the theme but enjoyed it nonetheless :)

I did t-failed many times, but the ending was worth it.

You can't actually move left with A, that's why I touched his balls so many times.

I touched his balls, but it was fun.