Progress is being done

Hey guys, I'm here to show you some progress I made ! Most are general feeling and the way you die.

Little Chick? Littleee Chiiiiiiiiick !

But there's more, these spikes (no, they weren't soft pillow that sent Little Chick to bed) will also hurt.

Of course, if you dislike Little Chick, you can end his puny little sufferings by crushing his weak bones as seen in the first gif. You may be able to do a real pillow that way.

Anyway, as you can see, I added screenshakes, particles, things-that-happen-when-you-die, but also things you can't seen nor hear here, such as checkpoints, transitions between levels, new sound effects and finally finished my dev-only level editor.

About levels, I plan to make something in the same way as the must-play VVVVVV, a one world where you can go to another level just by reaching the end of your screen, don't expect something huge though. Next part will be about improving general graphics and mood, because these beautiful squares were made in about 30 seconds.

Thanks and don't forget to play the 48-hours version if you haven't !

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