Hello dear people from Earth. This is Quentin with a general update to improve the game's gameplay and balance, here's the patch note in a random order:

  • EXCHANGE now happening every 25~45 seconds (was 5~25 before)
  • Changed pillars color in DIBR arena
  • You can hold the attack buttons to continuously attack now (makes it easier to climb)
  • Hammer attack damage reduced
  • Added tutorial cubes to remind the players they can climb on DIBR and MGOEL
  • Reduced MRWO speed by 18.8829%
  • MRWO's whole head is now a weak point
  • MRWO's tail's weak point is larger
  • You can now jump in the air once if you haven't gotten in the air by jumping (it probably has a name idk). That does mean you can double jump by hammering first and then jumping, yay)
  • You can skip bosses' introductions by pressing Escape or Start or whatever it is called on your gamepad
  • Upscaled sword hitbox
  • Sirmaau's small sword are now bigger for visibility purposes
  • Added higher static cubes in MWRO's arena

More updates are to come!


84 days ago


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